Have a fave photographer?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Have a favorite photographer? I love Ansel Adams, Margaret Bourke White, Sebastiao Salgado and Annie Leibovitz (My fave series ever: Killers Kill, Dead Men Die), but here are a couple of new ones to add to my list. These dudes are awesome!

Elephant Mother & Two Babies, Nick Brandt

Nick Brandt makes beautiful fine art wildlife photography. He mostly uses a normal focal length lens so that he can get more of the animals habitat in the shot- which puts him very close to the subjects! Crazy! Really great images.


Beach Final, Girl On An Adventure series, Dave Hill

Dave Hill's photography is amazing. He is so creative, and has major lighting and Photoshop skill. I just love this Girl on Adventure series! And he has a link on the bottom of his page for a behind the scenes look at how he put together some of his images. Very cool!


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