Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I was just wondering how many of you use Lightroom in conjunction with Photoshop for photo editing? When I was first looking into purchasing Photoshop I played around with Lightroom as well and could not figure it out, so I said "Forget about this" and just purchased Photoshop. Well, I recently decided to revisit Lightroom and I invested in a Lightroom for photographers book by Scott Kelby (LOVE him!) and oh my gosh! Lightroom is amazing. I cannot believe how easy it is to process lots of photos in a small amount of time. Just wanted to tell you all how much I love it!


Jamie L said...

I've acutally been using the Lightroom 3 Beta. I do like it, but I have to admit I dont use it much. I love that you can do non-decructive editing with it, but I usually just use camera raw and photoshop. Its a great way to organize files too!

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