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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thanks for inviting me Claire... I don't know how much of a contribution I will be, I am still pretty new to photography. :)

A little background on me, I grew up in a small town on a farm. I am the oldest of 7 half-siblings. I am pretty much an open book, I don't have enough room to really begin to tell you much about me LOL. Its a REALLY long story. I just celebrated 7 years with my husband and best friend. We have 2 kids who are generally the subjects of my "practice photography". I am also a graphic arts student, I will graduate with my Associates degree in May of next year. It was my husbands idea, and big shocker-he was right. He is always right. :)

My first camera was a cheesy fisher price camera I got for my 6th birthday, and I have been taking pictures ever since. I finally graduated to a digital P&S in 2005, which I love and still have. I bought my first SLR back in February, I bought the Pentax K-x with the 18-55 lens. I looked at a lot of different cameras and read a LOT of reviews before making a purchase, though I have to say I didn't understand what a lot of the "lingo" was so it took me a long time to research. haha. I haven't ever done any training or classes on photography, in fact I really only know what I have learned just through trial and error. After using my K-x for the past couple months I think I am pretty comfortable with it. I love love LOVE my camera. :)

My camera bag is a LowePro Stockholm I bought for around $25. Its roomy, and has extra space for spare SD Cards, batteries, filters, and cords. Its pretty small, and comfortable to carry. When I get more lenses I will have to buy a bigger one.

I haven't started a business yet, mostly just taking pictures of my family and things that I love. I have been asked to do engagement photos and a wedding for a friend, as well as a maternity shoot for another friend. Its kind of exciting, that people have seen my pictures and want to be my "subject" for a photo. Its really humbling, I never thought they were that great, but apparently someone does and that's really neat. :) I would really LOVE to do photography as a business, its been my dream for a long time but my family never supported me. (I am still trying to figure out what I would call my business.... hehe.) My husband has been the first one to stand behind me on that subject. I am really excited to get started.

Well, enough of me rambling! Thanks for the opportunity! I am open to constructive criticism, if anyone has anything they would like to suggest to me I am very receptive and appreciative. :)

My photo blog is here


Amanda J said...

Welcome to the blog!

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