Monitor Calibration

Friday, March 5, 2010

Have any of you calibrated your monitors? I need to do mine but have no idea how it all works. Help please! Fill me in on what it all means and how to go about doing it!


Amanda J said...

No I have never done that, but I probably need to!

Jamie L said...

Lol, guess I already shared this on FB, but I'll add it here too.

The i1 Display 2 has been recommended by many people I know, and we use it at school on the iMac's (along with x-rite's densitometer). Its really easy to use. X-rite also makes the color checker chart- another very important tool in color management- and a time saver!

Jamie L said...

Oh, and as far as what it means, youre just adjusting color and brightness settings and such on your monitor to ensure proper color management when processing. Technically you can just go by the numbers (I often find myself switching back and forth between the info palette and my curves adjustment layer!), but sometimes (especially when you dont have a neutral) you need to make adjustments based on what you see (like skintones and such). Calibrating your monitor (and using a colorchecker!) allows you to be very precise.

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