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Thursday, March 4, 2010

I am loving this article from Digital Photography School.


Amanda J said...

I LOVE it!! I admit I have done a few of those things too...shame on me!! Ha ha! Thanks for sharing Claire!

Claire said...

I've done them also Amanda! I think the key is, all things in moderation. The author says the post is written with a light hearted tone towards those things- but I think there is a fair amount of truth. I am tired of seeing photographers who grunge or texturize EVERY SINGLE PHOTO they take. I guess part of that is because my style is more the natural and timeless approach. I want to take photos that people will look at for years and still love, not look at them in a few years and go "oh yeah. that was the photography fad for the moment"

Jamie L said...

Yeah, I like playing around with that stuff too, but mostly just for fun. I rarely hand over that sort of stuff to a paying client, unless they ask. This article was really funny! Thanks for sharing!

maureen, sn msu said...

I REALLY appreciated that article too- I see a LOT of excessive vignettes, but man they can really finish a photo- in moderation! I am a recovering selective colorer however, it's my achille's heel!

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