Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I ran across this article on why we, as photographers, shouldn't under-price ourselves. He has a few awesome references and I just like his point of view. It is definitely worth reading!


Claire said...

Awesome article! Thanks for sharing that. I definitely agree... I've recently realized that I am selling myself short and I'm tired of not making money. When I come back from maternity leave in March, my prices are definitely increasing. If people don't want to pay it, that's fine. I'm tired of working for free!

I love the line in the article that says "It was years before I could afford myself". So true! I still have a hard time shelling out money for family photos. Not because I don't want to pay... I just can't at this stage in life. But the one time we paid top dollar for photos, we definitely got our money's worth!

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