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Sunday, January 24, 2010

I would really like to get a new camera bag soon. Right now I have a Nikon bag that is mostly functional, but kind of uncomfortable to carry and really ugly.(Photo: Adoroma)

I want to keep the price tag of the new bag under $100 (which means those cute Jill-e bags and the new Epiphanie bags are out!). I want something big enough to hold at least 1 camera, a couple of lenses, a flash and some accessories, but nothing too big (suitcase). I want it to be stylish (it would be great to have something that could double as my everyday handbag), easily accessible and comfortable to carry. Here is what I narrowed it down to:

I think this bag from Jo Totes is my first choice. It is fully padded, has a removable cross-body strap, holds a camera and a couple of lenses and flash, plus extras. Its really stylish- it doesnt look like a camera bag at all. And best of all, it's only $80!Photos: Jo Totes


This Tenba bag isnt all that stylish, but it meets most of my needs. I love the "sling" style and the side entry- really convenient. It has lots of room (1-2 cameras, 3-4 lenses + extras), rain cover, and it holds a small tripod (this is what kept me from considering the Kata 3N1-20 bag- other wise, I love those!). It can also transform to hold a camera with a long lens. This runs about $100.

Photo: B&H Photo


My third option is this brown leather bag I found on Ebay. The seller is in South Korea, and the item description isnt in English, so I'm a little skeptical. They do have good buyer feedback, though. The bag is really cute and is under $60 (including shipping). It looks like it would hold a camera & a couple lens, but I'm not sure. I also cant tell how thick the padding is. But with such a nice price tag, it may be worth a try:)
Photo: Midcentury-73 (Ebay seller)

So, what do you think?


Courtney B said...

right now i have a messenger style camera bag. not to cutest thing, but it's not bad looking... it's fairly functional... but, after using it for about a year and a half, i am pretty sure i want a backpack type camera bag. the messenger style swings all around while i am doing different things. a backpack would stay firmly in place and never be in the way.

if money wasn't an issue, i would get a crumpler bag... for sure.

Claire said...

I have two bags right now- both are Lowepro Slingshots, I have the 100 and 200 size. The 200 is nice, but much bigger than I need. I only use it for weddings when I need to pack around all my equipment, and honestly, my assistant usually ends up being the one to haul it around! (Poor girl!) The 100 size is fantastic. I absolutely love it. I'm able to fit a lot of stuff in it, it fits comfortably on my back and it was totally affordable, coming in right around $100 when I bought it at Best Buy. It sells even cheaper online. The Slingshots are really similar to the second bag you posted. I guess I'm not all that concerned with the style aspect, I needed something that would hold my gear and would be comfortable to wear for long periods of time and the Slingshot fits the bill.

Amanda J said...

I have the regular, ugly camera bag that Canon makes for my camera. It is very effective and holds the right amount of equipment for me. But...I would LOVE to find a "prettier" bag that is just as good as the one I have now! If I were you, I would go for the Jo Totes bag. If you think about it, when you show up to a shoot you usually know what equipment you need so there is no reason to tote around a bag that has almost everything you own in it. Plus customers want to see that their photographers are trendy. Our business depends on us keeping up with trends and styles so I think our image is important!

Jamie L said...

Yeah, I just cant seem to get that bag from Jo Totes out of my head- I think I'm going for it!

AshleeCakes said...

I generally look for the more functional bags, one that will hold everything I need and protect my camera from most damage. I'm thinking about buying this Ape Case bag for my new camera.

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