Contributor: Ashlee Black

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hello hot shots! I'm flattered to have been invited to be a contributor here - thank you Claire!

I'm Ashlee - psychologist, engaged mom to three, and of course, photography nut. I'm originally from Chicago but relocated to northern California. I definitely got my love of photography from my grandmother. Her home was filled with photos, and there was always a camera an arms length away. As a child, I remember getting lost in her shelves of photo albums for hours at a time. She taught me to value photos for their beauty and memories. I got my first digital camera in Junior High - a Vivicam 10 - and my passion for photography flourished. I got a digital P&S at 16 and began self-educating and experimenting. Then I bought my first SLR in college. I took four years worth of photography courses and loved every minute of it. Now I'm 22 and I just completed my home studio!

As far as business goes, I mostly take infant, children, and family portraits. I use Alien Bees and B&H studio equipment (strobe, flash, and cool lighting) but I am very comfortable with studio-free sessions as well. While my favorite brand is Canon, I currently own a Nikon D3. I enjoy photographing a wide range of subjects and do sell prints by request. I don't have a website set up yet, but I do have a personal blog. I suppose that is all for the moment! Thank you for reading!


Amanda J said...

Canon is my brand too! I am pretty sure that everyone else on here is a Nikon fan...

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