Discussion ??- What point is your business at?

Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm wondering what point each of your businesses is at, if you have a business set up that is! Are you just taking pics for people to build a portfolio in hopes of starting a business? Do you have your business license and are paying loads of taxes each year? Ü What point are you at and what point are you hoping to take your business to in the future?


Jamie L said...

No business license yet- mostly building a portfolio, gaining more experience and trying to figure out what it is that I really want to focus on. Plus, school keeps me so busy- for a while I was getting behind in homework because I was too busy with sessions and editing! So for now, I'm only doing work for family and friends.

My plan was to get set up next semester, but I may even wait another year- depends on if I have decided what to focus on! I definitely want to do portrait photography, but I am also interested in photojournalism, architecture, fashion and fine art. Decisions, decisions!

maureen said...

I'm with Jamie- no business license. I'm just going to keep it casual from now on until maybe after graduation, but I love doing photos for family and friends.

Claire said...

Wow, I didn't mean to go so long without answering this myself!

In March I went ahead and got my business license, set up an EIN with the gov't and got a business checking account. I have my photo blog and I also decided it was time to invest in a real site. I'm not sure I needed a real website, but I've already paid the start up cost, and now I just pay a small monthly fee, so its not worth getting rid of. Plus, I feel better about giving out business cards with a .com address, not just a blogspot address on them. I also set up a cell phone account under my business.

Sometimes its discouraging because I'm definitely not making money yet. I'm pretty much breaking even. BUT I know it'll be worth it eventually- just this month I have 12 photo shoots plus a wedding. Granted, some of that is holiday business, but I've also got people booking as far as the end of next year for weddings. Hopefully once I'm back from maternity leave I'll have the energy to market myself and really start to have a profitable business, even if the profit is tiny at first!

Amanda J said...

I have a DBA (doing business as), but not a business license. I'm not making enough to have a business license yet. It's much harder to start making money in my area of photography.

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