Bella (AKA Jessica)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I dont know how many of you are into Twilight (if you're not, please dont judge me!), but to celebrate the release of New Moon, I took a couple of photos from my sisters recent shoot and "transformed" her into a Cullen. I think she makes a way prettier Bella than Kristen Stewart!


maureen said...

They look beautiful!! It'd be awesome if you could put up a mini-tutorial about how you did it (if you want to share!)

Jamie L said...

A lot of layers!

Colored the eyes with paint (opacity reduced slightly) with a few different colors.
Added another layer to reduce color saturation and add a blue filter (erased eyes so color would show through).
Added a layer for blemish corrections and under eye circles (she doesn't have much)with healing brush and patch tools. Then used dodge and burn tool to even out and lighten skin, and darken under-eyes slightly. Also used burn tool to intensify eye makeup for more contrast.
Nothing too crazy, but fun!

Amanda J said...

It looks perfect! I love how you made it blend into the picture. As a side note, your sister looks more like the Bella I pictured when I first read the books.

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