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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm gearing up for a bunch of newborn and maternity shoots in the very near future. I'm wondering what cute ideas you have seen or thought of for making those photos a little bit more special than the typical heart over the belly button, or baby in a basket kind of photos. Not to say I don't like those- I'm just trying to think outside the box and its hard! Being pregnant myself, I find that I sometimes struggle to be creative, so if you all have suggestions or ideas, I'd LOVE to hear them!


maureen said...

I did a little research awhile back before a maternity shoot for a friend, and I loved the shoots in more unlikely places, like in an urban setting. The wardrobe was more jeans and a solid colored shirt (in the particular shoot I found), with maybe a brick wall and one prop like an old chair. I felt like it was a step away from the traditional, like you mentioned. Might be worth googling. :)

maureen said...

OH! And my absolute fave was a maternity photo in the middle of a road (not a busy road!), sitting sort of casually in a chair. Definitely different!

Courtney B said...

Here are some of my favorite NEWBORN shoots, all have a TOTALLY different feel to them:



and these guys have some of the best newborn photos (in my opinion)

as for maternity:


Courtney B said...

another GREAT newborn photographer... I am droooooling.


Jamie L said...

I struggle with this too.

Not very original, but I have always wanted to shoot an expectant mom and partner at a bookstore- mom "reading" a pregnancy book (or something like) and dad reading something about cars or sports (or whatever he is in to). Facial expressions are key here. I also like shots with expectant mom and dad next to eachother, with dad holding a watermelon or ball in front if his belly (belly shot only). Kinda cheesy, but I think its cute.

I havent done a ton of newborn shoots, and the ones I have done have all requested the traditional poses. Next time I think I may try a few shots of the baby in his/her cradle or crib, because mom's put a lot of thought into selecting furniture and bedding, and it would be nice to document it for them. (I think a maternity shot in the nursery would be nice too.) I like the basket shots, but I think using a gift-wrapped box would be great for Christmas.

I plan to do some pics for one of my nephews soon, and plan to pose him in my sister's (his mom) guitar case.

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