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Saturday, October 10, 2009

First- I wanted to apologize for my lack of activity on here recently... it started with the transmission on my car dying 6 days before we were scheduled to leave on an 8 day driving vacation... :P

This week I want to know- what is your favourite type of photo to take? Is there a particular type of session that you get really excited about?


Jamie L said...

Maternity and Senior Portraits are always fun for me:) I also like taking close-up abstracts of random objects. I also like scapes, but dont do much.

My least favorite is baby/toddler portraits, which is funny because I seem to do the most of those!

maureen said...

about 6 months old- All of the kids that age that I've photographed are old enough to do interesting things, they're starting to stand with support and it's easy for their parents to get them to do cute faces (again, the ones I've done). I think my MOST favorite are couples- I was doing senior photos (the only ones I've done, I just put them on my site) and the girl's boyfriend was along (which was a great idea because he made her smile) and they wanted a picture together. When they got together in front of my camera, I felt like I was in the mode. If I do start up again, even part-time, I think I'd like to focus on couples.

Amanda J said...

A couple of weeks ago we headed up into the mountains in Utah. The leaves were so pretty...I saw hundreds of things I wanted to take pictures of...those are my favorite kinds of shoots. Lots of possibilities!

Claire said...

I love any photo shoot involving babies... toddlers are a blast, but maternity and newborn are definitely my favourites. I especially love going to the hospital when a baby is only a few hours old. Those shoots result in the most precious photos!

Like Courtney, my hope is to break into the world of birth photography. I have a shoot tentatively scheduled for end of December/early January assuming I'm not at the hospital at the same time. In labour, with a brand new baby... I'll be there. The only thing that will keep me away from that photo shoot is if I'm pushing out a baby myself!

Courtney B said...

Claire said mine already... it's birth photography. I love it.. so much. It is the most beautiful thing in the world (to me).

I also love taking detail shots. What do I mean? I went to a vineyard to take pictures:


And my favorite picture, is the grapes. I like those types of photos more than the entire landscape pictures. Just finding the small beautiful things out of the big picture.

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