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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What do you find to be the best way of marketing your business? What's worked and what hasn't? Do you advertise, hand out loads of business cards, strictly word of mouth? Share what has worked and not worked for you.


maureen said...

Right now I am not currently advertising so I can focus on school. When I was advertising, I got all of my business from Craigslist.com. It was actually a huge response- I was really surprised. As I gained clients from Craigslist, they began to refer me and I gained more clients by word of mouth, two of which will be repeat customers in the coming months. There have been some safety concers about Craigslist recently, so if you do use Craigslist, I recommend meeting the clients for outdoor shoots in public places just to be on the safe side. I think a small ad in a newspaper or other similar online forum would be really effective. I think I am going to start doing a few shoots here and there, and I will begin advertising on Craigslist again as well as possibly putting an ad in the newspaper.

Good luck to you all!

Jamie L said...

I did Craigs List too, but I am also putting work on hold for school right now. I did get a TON of responses. I only meet people for outdoor sessions too- and I always bring an assistant and hornet spray (aka much-better-than-pepper-spray). I plan to order cards soon. I depend on word of mouth advertising quite a but- I think it is the best form of advertising.

One really cool idea I read some where (and will probably steal) is making "Official Paparazzi" cards with my business card on the other side. Hand them out to people at weddings who are taking pics- give them a few tips and such. They'll appreciate it, and remember you. The guy who wrote it said he got tons of referrals.

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